We are quite fortunate to live in one of the most exciting cities in the world: New York City.  On the spectrum of exciting cities, many cities come and go, but NYC will (and should) be a constant.  After all, NYC is where we found our love for coffee, wine, and most importantly, each other.  And so, it is with each other, that we decided to start this blog to document our shared interest in coffee and wine, or more appropriately, Beans & Corks.  After developing a (more recent) appreciation for both these items, we plan to have this blog follow us as we explore and form our taste on different types of coffee and wine.

One evening, we were flipping through Netflix trying to decide on the movie of the evening.  We somehow stumbled upon a documentary labeled “Somm” and watched riveted as the individuals in the film tasted and savored every sip of any bottle they had in front of them.  While we had wine with most of our meals before this, we normally finished the bottle without so much as a thought besides “hmm good.”  “Somm” showed us though there was a whole world of understanding that we simply did not yet understand.  From then, we took advantage of the many activities that our lovely city has to offer, and took up some wine classes.  Therefore, this blog will feature a mixture of wines we try in classes, as well as wines we try on our own during our date nights.