2010 90+ Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Oakville, California


Believe it or not, our love of wine began before we even met each other.  Then we met and everything fit (this blog is partly a love story to each other, and to both the nectars we enjoy so much – deal with it).  This 2010 90+ Cellars Cab was a bottle my darling had kept for years in his collection, waiting to taste it when a special occasion arrived.  Then a few weeks back, in one of the wine classes we took, we learned that the normal shelf life of any bottle of wine (if not stored properly in a magical cellar or one of those expensive wine fridges we do not currently own) is only a couple of years.  Since my darling and I have known each other close to two years at this point, it was safe to say we did not want this mysterious wine to last any longer and potentially decline in taste.

So yeah, we have wines from other places that are not Trader Joe’s.  That happens sometimes.

With anticipation mounting, we finally opened the bottle and learned that my darling was wise to leave this to enjoy for a special occasion…or in this case, with his special someone (thank you).  This rich violet Cab was quite robust in scent and in taste.  There is a line on the bottle that states “if you believe in good karma, then buy a few extra bottles” and luckily, we have a couple more of this bad boy.  Did I mention my guy is wise?

From the back of the bottle: “Story:  This Cabernet is sourced from one of Napa Valley’s hallmark vineyards.  Be glad we can’t tell you which one, because then you’d likely pay triple for it.  The combination of unique sun exposure and meticulous vineyard practices results in a wine with brilliant fruit and dazzling tannins.  Celebrate with it now or cellar away for decades.  Either way, you’ll be generously rewarded.  Taste:  Aged for 18 months exclusively in a mix of small French barrels, the wine displays a rich blend of blackberry, black currant, dark chocolate and toasty oak.  It fills your mouth with a flood of posh fruit intertwined with an infusion of vanilla, herbs and spice.  If you believe in good karma, then buy a few extra bottles to share with your friends.”

Rating: 4 corks
Price: $49.99
Designation:  90+ Cellars
Appellation:  Oakville, California
Winery: 90+ Cellars
Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
Category: Red
Alcohol: 14.5%
Bottle Size: 750mL


Sight – 3.5 / 5 corks

Very dark haloed with a very thin rim, rich purple color with a rich violet rim, not translucent, with medium-fast speed legs.


Smell – 3.5 / 5 corks

A lot of blackberry, semi-robust scent with a little smokeyness, some tartness similar to a plum, earthiness to the scent.

Touch – 4 / 5 corks

Dry, tart and sour like a plum, heavy body, some sweetness on the back of the tongue, complex so not smooth as a result.

Taste – 4.5 / 5 corks

Plum, blackberry, figs, hint of nutmeg spiciness, a pleasant finish albeit not lingering.

Overall – 4 / 5 corks



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