2013 Caretaker Wines Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir Central Coast, California


When we started this blog, we intended to make this both a documentary of our wine tasting experiences, and as a running log of our favorites…and potentially non-favorites.  We like to try new bottles every time we make a Trader Joe’s wine run (it is one of our favorite wine shops in the city if you have not yet noticed).  Now though, we can pick up an unfamiliar bottle, look up our blog, and see if we have already tried the selection.  If we did not like it the first time, we likely would not like it a second time.

The 2013 Caretaker Wines Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir is one of those selections that will not make it back into our basket in the next run.  While the whiff of raspberry and nutmeg was initially incredibly enticing, we could not find the taste of the wine to be as exciting.  If anything, the wine fell flat on the tongue and elicited an burning (not in a good way) finish.  There are so many good wines out there for simple sips, this would be one to skip.

From the back of the bottle: “There is an intimate relationship that exists between the land and those who have farmed it over decades and generations.  This wine is about personality – the character and nuances of a vineyard that can only be express by a true… Caretaker.  Winemaker’s Tasting Notes:  Deep, bright ruby color with violet highlights.  Aromas of black cherry, plum, and macerated strawberry.  Touches of clove and nutmeg are contributed by the French and American oak for complexity.  The palate shows medium body, balanced acidity, and fine grained tannins that support an extended, lengthy finish.”

Rating: 2.1 corks
Price: $9.99
Designation:  Santa Maria Valley
Appellation:  Central Coast, California
Winery: Caretaker Wines
Variety: Pinot Noir
Category: Red
Alcohol: 14.0%
Bottle Size: 750mL


Sight – 4 / 5 corks

Fast legs, Ruby to Medium Red color, more medium than typical pinot noir. Semi-translucent in color, can see relatively clearly through the entire wine.


Smell – 3.5 / 5 corks

Strawberry jam, raspberry, smoke, light oakyness and nutmeg, the scent is quite powerful, eliciting salivation upon first whiff.

Touch – 1 / 5 corks

Dull, smooth, buttery upon first hitting the palette, light balance, not complex, semi-dry, anticlimactic.

Taste – 1 / 5 corks

Tastes kind of flat, not a lasting finish, sort of oakyness and of raisins.

Overall – 2.1 / 5 corks



One thought on “2013 Caretaker Wines Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir Central Coast, California

  1. $10 for a Pinot! can’t expect wonders either. It’s always utterly disappointing when you pick a bottle of wine and it’s not quite enjoyable at all. SUch a frustration 😦 If only for this, it’s great to shar the experience with others so it’s not repeated. Cheers 🙂


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