2014 Apothic Wines Apothic Crush Smooth Red Blend, Modesto, California, USA


Like many NY-ers, a favorite wine shop in the city is Trader Joe’s.  Every time we make a run, a staple in our basket has been an Apothic Red, Apothic Dark, or Apothic White.  Color us excited when we saw there was a new member to the family: Apothic Crush.  With its decorative label filled with fancy swirls and an old Roman “A” and unique flavors, we have frequently been drawn to the Apothic blends.  At $8.99, it is the same price as the other Apothic blends so we decided to go for a try.  Granted, we still have to someday sample the aforementioned blends for the purposes of this blog, but this Apothic Crush for now will do.  But really, it did NOT do.  Disappointment.  We paired it with some orzo risotto made with ground beef, zucchini, bell pepper, and diced tomatoes – but all we got from the wine was something reminding us of the cherry medicine we got as children.

From the back of the bottle: “The first taste entices, stimulating the senses.  The next taste ignites, arousing the passion.  A decadent red blend that combines red fruit flavors with notes of caramel and a velvety smooth mouthfeel.”

Rating: 1.3 corks
Price: $8.99
Designation:  Apothic Crush
Appellation:  Modesto, California, USA
Winery: Apothic Wines
Variety: Smooth Red Blend (Petite Sirah and Pinot Noir)
Category: Red
Alcohol: 14.5%
Bottle Size: 750mL


Sight – 2.5 / 5 corks

Wine was more purple than red, with a lighter translucent rim.  With every swirl in our glass, the legs of the wine flowed to the bottom quickly.


Smell – 1.5 / 5 corks

Artificial scent, with perhaps a hint of plum.  We could not derive any other notes from the wine, as it was quite light.  Overall, the artificial (almost plastic) scent followed all the way through with every whiff.

Touch – 1 / 5 corks

High acid with light-medium body (although it was quite difficult to determine to be honest).  It was off in almost every way: off-dry, off-balance, and not complex.

Taste – 1 / 5 corks

Artificial smell yields artificial taste.  The cherry came through somewhat, but in the end, we got the cherry medicine taste when we had the wine with our dinner.  Unappealing to the end, with a lingering acid taste down the throat.

Overall – 1.3 / 5 corks



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